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Pioneer replaces plasma TV power supplies

Certain Pioneer TVs have a faulty power supply. An upgrade is available.

Pioneer Electronics is providing owners of certain models of its plasma TVs a free replacement power supply, the company announced late last week. The company said following a loud popping sound, the power supply and television is rendered inoperable, but does not pose a health or safety problem.

So far only 1 percent of consumers that have purchased affected models have experienced any problems. The models include the PDP-505HD, PDP-4330HD, PDP-503PU, PDP-4300, PDP-5030HD, PDP-4304, PDP-5031HD, PDP-4310 PRO-1000HD, PRO-800HD PRO-1000HDI, PRO-800HDI and the PDP-433PU. Consumers can call 800-421-1404 to get an upgrade.