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Pinterest scoops up Instapaper

Instapaper will continue to work as a separate app, while Instaparser, the developer API, will be available till November 1.

Pictures on Pinterest.

Pictures on Pinterest.

Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

Pinterest said today that it has acquired Instapaper for an undisclosed amount.

Pinterest wants to bring more articles to its site, which has primarily been a place where users post and manage photo-based content. Instapaper is a service that lets users "save anything, read anywhere." It's essentially a tool for managing your internet reading habits. Pinterest also wants to tap the technology know-how behind Instapaper.

"We're focused on making it easy to save and discover content on any device, Steve Davis, Pinterest's lead product manager, said in a statement. "The Instapaper team are experts in saving, curating and analyzing articles, and they're a welcome addition to Pinterest. Instapaper will work with us to continue building indexing and recommendations technologies."

In a blog post, Instapaper said that starting today, it will cease signups for new users and halt billing for existing customers. It said it will also keep is Instaparser, the developer API for Instapaper, running until November 1, 2016.