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Pinterest, now with price alerts, panders to shoppers

The site will now e-mail you when a retailer reduces the price of a product you've pinned.


Pinterest introduced a new feature Thursday that sends notifications to users when the price of a product they've pinned goes down.

The site offers the feature for any of the enabled product pins, or pins that include extra details about products including the price. When the listed price drops, Pinterest will send the user an e-mail. The company said it'll try to aggregate the notifications into as few e-mails as possible to avoid spamming your inbox.

Since the site rolled out product pins in May, businesses have created "tens of millions" of these types of pins, according to Pinterest.

It's just another step in Pinterest's plan to make pins more useful for their pinners, and bring in more shopping dollars for businesses.

It's a good move for Pinterest if the company is keen on building a sustainable revenue stream while continuing to service its users, who probably find shopping for products, and deals, an ideal pastime.