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Pinterest now offers more than pretty pictures

Thanks to third-party Web sites, Pinterest users can see what it costs, where to buy it, and much more.

Now you can find recipes for many of the tasty dishes pinned on Pinterest.
Now you can find recipes for many of the tasty dishes pinned on Pinterest. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Pinterest now offers users more information behind all those pretty pictures.

The scrapbooking social network today tweaked the power of certain pins to provide more details on the showcased items, thanks to new active links to third-party Web sites. As described in the company's official blog, Pinterest is working with popular Web sites to enrich the pinning experience. For instance, some of the tasty dishes in the Delicious Eats area now have active links that point to Web sites featuring the recipes.

Product pins reveal pricing and retail outlets where the items are sold. And movie pins offer more details on the featured films by directing Pinterest users to relevant pages on Flixster, Netflix, or Rotten Tomatoes.

The "pin it" button is also now available in a few select mobile apps, so users can pin on the go.

To get the new look and the new pins, Pinterest users must log in and then click on the "Get it now" button at the top of the site's home page. Web site owners who want to serve as third-party information providers can learn how at the site's Rich Pins page.