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Pinterest gets with the times and adds direct messaging

The pinning social network looks to be a conversation starter with its new messaging feature.

Pinterest rolls out direct messaging. Pinterest

Pinterest is growing up to be a tried and true social network. The digital scrapbooking service announced Wednesday that its users can now send each other direct messages.

Letting users message each other opens the horizons of the social network -- it means users can now plan projects and events together or just swap creative ideas and discoveries. The messaging feature also works for multiple people.

"Say you're organizing a camping trip with friends -- try sending Pins to the whole gang so you can figure out where to go and what meals to make," Pinterest product designer Tom Watson wrote in a blog post. "If you need a reminder of who's bringing what, just pull up the conversation right from your notifications.

Direct messaging is meant to be an addition to the Pinterest rolled out in May 2013. This idea now is that when users receive a pin, they can reply with a message or send back another pin.

"We wanted to make it easier for you to have a good old fashioned conversation about those Pins," Watson wrote.