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Pink Slvr L6: Another mobile gets a Paris Hilton makeover

Pink is in, especially if you're a mobile phone maufacturer and Motorola are painting the town pink, adding another phone to their pink portfolio. Behold the pink Slvr

When Crave first laid eyes on the Motorola Slvr we didn't see what all the fuss was about. In fact, we still don't -- it's just not that slim, even if some girl in an advert holds it up sideways and tries to make it look tiny.

However, like Cinderella, it's amazing what a change of outfit can do for a mundane mobile phone. This month Carphone Warehouse has exclusively launched the Slvr L6 in pink and just like its pretty cousin, the pink Razr V3, this girl is ready to party.

The Slvr L6 is the smaller of the two Slvr models and is 0.6mm thinner and 10g lighter than the Slvr L7. It might not have an expandable memory card or quad-band connectivity like the L7, but this little number won't break the bank and can be bought for only £70 on pay as you go.

Obviously this phone is being marketed at you girls out there, but Crave thinks this shouldn't stop any boys partial to pink from buying this phone. After all, pink is the new black and why stop at a shirt when you can co-ordinate a whole outfit?

Taking into account that it has a camera, Web browser, Bluetooth, hands-free speakerphone and it's pink, you can't go wrong. But we'll let you decide whether this sassy mobile phone is as trendy as Kate Moss or as tragic as Pete Doherty. Expect a full fashion exposé soon. -AL