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Pink gadgets = tech for women? For Paris Hilton, maybe

Pink gadgets = tech for women? For Paris Hilton, maybe

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer/San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article today about the growing trend of tech manufacturers producing pink gadgets to attract women buyers. The companies certainly have good reason to go after this segment; according to the Consumer Electronics Association, women are expected to spend $65 billion on electronics this year and influence 88 percent of the household high-tech purchases. But pink? Come on. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my "Mobile tech for women" story, I'm not buying the "It's pink! It's for women!" philosophy. Do I appreciate the option? Sure. Will I ever buy a pink cell phone? Probably not. As Dana Throat, an analyst at IDC, states in the article, "I can't imagine women walking into the boardroom with a pink cell phone. They want something sleek and well designed. It doesn't have to look like Barbie." For me, I buy tech based on how it will enhance my life, not if it will match my outfit. While the color may be part of the appeal, I think companies need to focus their marketing on how their product is going to make my life better. Why should I want it, other than the fact that it's pretty? All that said, the pink campaign seems to be working. The magenta Motorola Razr V3 outsold a month's worth of other popular cell phones on Cingular's Web site within the first two days of its release, and pink has been the top-selling color for the Sony Walkman Bean. Hmm, maybe I'm just not partial to pink. Ladies, what do you think? What's important to you when it comes to your tech? TalkBack to me below.