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Pink breast cancer ribbon tees off in golf RPG

Characters can buy pink ribbon face paint for their characters in Albatross 18, with part of the proceeds going to breast cancer nonprofit.

Albatross 18 characters with pink ribbons
Starting Thursday, 'Albatross 18' characters will be able to don pink-ribbon face paint for breast cancer awareness. OGPlanet

Pink face paint isn't exactly par adornment for the golf course, but it's about to show up on at least one green--that of fantasy golf game Albatross 18.

Starting Thursday, players of OGPlanet's golf sim will be able to add pink-ribbon face paint to their characters' getups. The in-game item will cost $2.50, with $2 of each purchase going to support Boarding for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit dedicated to raising health awareness and supporting cancer research.

Albatross 18 mixes classic golf play with the role-playing genre for a game that lands far from the teeing ground of the local country club. The little pink ribbon will be available in the Albatross 18 in-game store through April 30. To further mark breast cancer awareness, the store will discount other pink products not oft seen on the course, like high heels and flip-flops, and a funky little floral head scarf that would really make one's avatar stand out from the Izod crowd.