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Pink and red BlackBerry Pearl 8130s spotted

Research in Motion shows off new colored BlackBerry Pearl 8130s at CES 2008.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130
Red BlackBerry Pearl 8130 for Verizon CNET Networks
RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130
Pretty in pink (apologies for the blurry shot) CNET Networks

Catching Verizon Wireless and Sprint off-guard, Research in Motion showed off some upcoming colored models of the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 for the respective carriers at CES 2008. The red version will go to Verizon, joining the silver Pearl 8130, while the powder-pink model will land at Sprint along with the purple Pearl. No specific release dates were given, but I'd guess the launch dates aren't too far away--February at the latest.