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Ping smart wallet tells you when cards go astray

To help stop theft or loss, this Bluetooth card holder will emit sounds when cards are removed or not returned promptly. The wallet can also make noise if you misplace it entirely.

Ping has a battery that lasts two years without a recharge. Kickstarter

Being careless with your wallet or purse is an easy way to have your cash -- and your identity -- stolen. Here's a smart wallet that will tell you when items have been removed or not been returned promptly.

Ping is a minimalist aluminum case for your ducats, debit cards, and credit cards that links to your phone and alerts you in case of theft or loss.

It's the focus of a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign, one of several similar recent concepts.

Ping connects to your iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 and makes a sound when a card is removed from or not returned to the wallet. If you need to locate your Ping wallet, the wallet will emit a sound through use of a phone app.

The range is up to 100 feet, and the custom battery lasts two years. After that, it must be replaced "for a very small fee."

The wallet can hold "more than 10 cards and a great deal of cash," the campaign page says. Getting items in and out of is perhaps easier said than done, though the video below suggests it's a snap.

The contents are secured with stretchy elastic bands, and Ping could be available in a variety of colors for its anodized aluminum.

The planned retail price for Ping is $79, but it's available to early backers on Kickstarter for $49. Check out more details here.