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Pineapple-coring gadget is a must for your tiki bar

Slice off the top of a pineapple, and then core it with this--and turn the hull into a mug for your favorite tropical drinks!


So, I'm not quite able to visualize exactly how this gadget works, but I kind of want one. It'll cost you $10. I really like pineapples, and this is supposed to work like a corkscrew for them. Apparently, you get yourself a pineapple, chop the top off, and then core and slice it with this wacky little tool. Then, presumably, you can eat the pineapple slices.

But here's the best part. After coring the pineapple, I can use the empty hull as a (one-time use) vessel for my favorite tropical drinks. I'd go for blue whales, mai tais, hurricanes, or (of course) pina coladas. Please drink responsibly!

Yeah, a pineapple cutter that doubles as a way to make awesome tiki barware. Don't leave port without one.

(Via 7 Gadgets)