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Pimp-worthy Sirius Sportster 5

Sirius announces plans to release their latest full-color satellite radio, the Sportster 5, this fall.

Photo of Sirius Sportster 5 radio.
With selectable color schemes, you can perfectly match Sportster 5's display with the upholstered interior of your pimpmobile. Sirius

The folks at Sirius are brimming with news this morning (seriously, pace yourself guys). Between their announcements of the Stiletto 2 handheld satellite radio and their partnership with wireless home audio mavens Sonos, news of their latest Sportster 5 plug-and-play receiver snuck right past us. The car-friendly Sportster offers a full-color screen with selectable color schemes that will do a much better job of integrating with pimped-out car interiors where monochrome just won't do. Other features include a real-time sports ticker, FM transmitter, 30 presets, and the ability to pause and rewind up to 60 minutes of live radio. The Sportster 5 will go on sale in the fall with a price tag of $169.