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Pimp that Prius with 24k gold wheels

They're only gold plated, which explains the dirt-cheap $6,000 price--each.


Summer's almost here (at least that's what we keep telling ourselves), and that means it's finally time to take that pimp-mobile out of the garage. But if you're not the ATV type who would buy snakeskin tires, you'll need to find some other way to show off those wheels. One solution: 24k gold-plated alloys.

These 19-inch wheels would be the perfect complement to a $150,000 gear shift knob and other appropriately egregious accoutrements. And at just $6,000 each--or $23,960 for all four, according to Lussorian--they're a steal. Remember, you could be ponying up $2 million for a set of diamond Asantis.