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Pimp my Smart ForTwo

Big wheels!

Serious Wheels

DaimlerChrysler's itty-bitty Smart ForTwo has been in the news recently, primarily because it's going to be made available to U.S. markets next year. The defining feature of the ForTwo is pretty much just the fact that it's about as small as a car can get without being designed for circus midgets, and it's more or less useless outside cities since it can't go all that fast, but that hasn't stopped one Greek auto enthusiast from turning it into an off-road vehicle.

Taking a hint from the design and functionality of Daimler-Chrysler's off-road Unimog trucks, the creator of the "Smart ForFun2" (the original Smart ForFun was created at the 2005 Athens Motor Show and involved the ForTwo's bigger sibling, the Smart ForFour) has been juiced up with a more powerful diesel engine, special shock absorbers, and wheels that are almost bigger than the original car itself.

And there you have it: the Smart ForTwo has finally been modified to be able to weather the horrors of driving in Boston.

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