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Pimp my home office


Find it difficult to get any work done from home?

Perhaps it's because your home office is cluttered, cramped and generally uninviting. Check out this article by a writer in Ontario, Canada for some home office improvement ideas from our neighbors up North.

One guy built a workspace using reclaimed wood from an old barn.

Many are putting home offices closer to the family room and kitchen, making them more central to home life. This allows parents to monitor their kids' computer use more easily and lets people feel connected to family while working.

The drawback of course is a lack of privacy. The use of screens and pony walls (three feet high) can help the situation.

However, if you want a total re-haul, be prepared to pay up. One Ontario-based, interior designer says she typically charges between $3,500 and $5,500 for a "fully loaded" functional upscale home office. Not cheap, but it will get you all the bells and whistles - "wonderful printers, flat screens, the newest software."

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