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Piena is like a coffee maker for baby formula

Piena gives parents an assist by automatically heating up and cooling down water for baby formula. A turn of a dial dispenses the powder.

Piena baby formula maker
Try not to confuse this with your coffee maker. Piena

If you have a baby, you have your hands full. Mixing up formula takes time and care is required to get it down to the right temperature. For a $149 pledge on Indiegogo, you can hand that duty off to a kitchen gadget.

The Piena Tender Touch baby formula maker is like a coffee maker for infants. You place the powder in a special container that can hold up to 24 ounces and keep it sealed up, fresh and dry, for up to four weeks. Fill the separate water reservoir. Turn the machine on and it boils the water, then cools it to near body temperature.

When the water gets to the right temp, it dispenses it into a bottle below. A dial on the powder container drops the right amount into the water. Shake it up and go feed your hungry baby. The whole process takes just a couple minutes.

Piena is calibrated to work with popular formula brands Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber Good Start. The company behind Piena asserts that breast-feeding is best, but promotes the gadget for supplementary use.

The Piena has been prototyped, but the Indiegogo campaign is aimed at getting the manufacturing up and running.

As far as kitchen gadgets go, the Piena could earn its place next to the toaster and mixer for busy parents who don't want to sweat over a hot stove to make formula. Plus, you can hand it off to someone else once the kid gets old enough.