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Pics of Palm Treo 850 surface: Not too shabby

Pictures of a new Windows-based Palm Treo 850 smartphone appear on the Web.

Boy Genius Report

Just recently, we reported on some rumors about a Palm Treo 800, a CDMA smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1, EV-DO Rev. A, and GPS. While the feature list was pretty impressive, the picture of the reported device didn't excite us very much. In fact, it was downright dullsville and forgettable. However, today, the Boy Genius Report has some images of another new Treo, the Palm Treo 850, and this time, it's got our attention.

If the pictures are to be believed, the device looks incredibly slick and slim, and there's even a comparison shot of the Treo 850 with the RIM BlackBerry 8800 to show off its comparable thinness. The full QWERTY keyboard resembles the one found on the Palm Centro, but the navigation controls seem to be brand new.

As for features, details are pretty sparse. It looks like it'll run Windows Mobile and have a 400MHz processor and 100MB of RAM. Overall, not too shabby, right?