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Picnik online photo-editing spreads its wings

The online photo-editing services of Picnik now can be embedded in any Web site through use of its API.

Picnik's online photo-editing site is getting gradually more sophisticated. Picnik

Picnik, an online photo-editing service, has released specifications that will let other Web sites use its tools.

The Seattle company on Tuesday released its application programming interface, or API, called Picnik-in-a-Box. "Sites can use the Picnik interface to load, edit, and save specific images provided by users, customize certain portions of the Picnik interface, and give users a superior image-importing and -exporting experience for applications or Web sites," the company said in a statement.

Web site developers wishing to employ the feature can obtain a key from Picnik that grants access to the API, Picnik said.

Among sites using the API today are,,,,,, and Flickr and Lexmark both use a more elaborate, customized version, Picnik said.

Image-editing powerhouse Adobe Systems is working on its own online editing tool, Photoshop Express.