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Pick up a 20,000-mAh power bank for $16

This portable charger can charge up to four devices at once and has dual inputs that let you charge the battery in half the usual time.


Working from home in the age of coronavirus brings with it some unexpected challenges. Everyone in the family, for example, may find themselves sitting around the dining room table trying to work at the same time -- parents doing spreadsheets and kids plugging away at homework. If there aren't enough outlets to keep everyone plugged in, I have a suggestion. How about putting a power bank in the middle of the table, so it serves as a central charging station for everyone? Right now, you can grab an EasyAcc 20,000-mAh charger for $16.49 when you use discount code 5Y9MDKLC at checkout. That's $16.50 off the usual price of $32.99.

The EasyAcc charger can charge up to four devices simultaneously and has an unusual feature: a pair of inputs that, if used simultaneously, let you recharge the battery at about twice the normal speed -- you can top it off in about 6 hours. It also has a built-in LED flashlight because, why not? My prediction: In a few more years, literally everything with a battery will contain LED illumination for some reason. Nonetheless, a 20,000-mAh power bank for about $16 is a pretty good deal. It's available at this price while inventory holds out or until May 28.

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Originally published last month. Updated with new pricing. 

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