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Piano maker Steinway moves into the hi-fi business

A curious match: piano maker Steinway & Sons and Danish high-end audio manufacturer Lyngdorf join forces to create luxury audio systems for well-heeled music and home theater lovers.

Renowned piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons has partnered with Danish high-end audio manufacturer Lyngdorf to create a new company, Steinway Lyngdorf.

The Model D stereo system Steinway Lyngdorf

I've met with Peter Lyngdorf many times and enthusiastically reviewed some of his products (back when his company was called TacT Audio). Lyngdorf founded, co-founded, or bought a number of high-end audio companies, including Dali Loudspeakers, NAD Electronics, Gryphon Audio, and Snell Acoustics.

Lyngdorf is also the founder and owner of Hi-Fi Klubben, Europe's largest chain of hi-fi shops specializing in high-end audio. Founded in 1980, Hi-Fi Klubben has 70 shops and is still expanding.

The Steinway connection dates back to 2005, and Steinway Lyngdorf is the first time the piano maker put its name on something other than a music instrument. Steinway Lyngdorf offers music and home theater systems.

The Model M system Steinway Lyngdorf

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Music System takes approximately eight weeks to assemble by hand. The system includes two tower speakers, a 1,600 watt digital amplifier, and a CD player/head unit. Fully customized finishes are available on request, but the standard black lacquer paint job ain't too shabby. What's the price? $188,000 for the standard Model D system. An in-wall or on-wall speaker system, the Model M goes for a mere $64,500. Home theater Model D systems start at a hefty $267,400.

All systems include RoomPerfect technology that reduces acoustical problems. Peter Lyngdorf has pioneered advanced room tuning systems for more than a decade. RoomPerfect technology is a far more sophisticated approach than what I've seen from auto setup and calibration systems implemented in Denon and Onkyo receivers.

The Model D system controller. Steinway Lyngdorf

I've heard the stereo Model D playing recordings of a Steinway Model D piano, so I can testify to the hi-fi's startling fidelity to its namesake. Few systems of any price are remotely in the ballpark of the Steinway Lyngdorf when it comes to reproducing piano sound. It's stellar with non-piano music as well.

Steinway Lyngdorf products are sold internationally through a network of custom installers; the company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Luxury CE magazine has a fascinating full-length interview with Peter Lyngdorf about the company.