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Physics and Oreos go together like cookies and cream

One man's quest to get rid of the cream in his cookie led to invention of a hilariously overcomplicated Oreo separating machine.

Oreo separator machine No. 1
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The video below describes separating an Oreo cookie as a "basic human desire." While it may not be quite as fundamental as all that, separating cookie from cream has become a ritual for Oreo lovers around the world.

But why must we use our soft, weak human hands to pry these cookies apart? Why can't someone invent a hilariously overcomplicated machine to do this painstaking work for us?

Luckily, someone did.

Physicist and "cookie-part preferrer" David Neevel is the mind behind the Rube Golberg-style machine. He describes his automated separator as "entirely based on the dislike of cream." Which is crazy, of course. But it takes a certain kind of mad genius to create a machine as delightfully inefficient as this one.

The video is part of an online marketing campaign for Oreo. You can see more of its work on its YouTube page.

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