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Photosynth updates its NASA pics with shuttle belly

Check out the bottom of Endeavor, safely.

If you enjoyed the first round of Photosynth'd pictures of NASA shuttle Endeavor, you'll probably enjoy these. Taken in space by the crew of the International Space Station, the newly uploaded shots show off the underside of the space shuttle, which the Microsoft Labs team is touting as a "first-hand look at what you might see on a space-walk." Of course, when it comes to the underside of space shuttles, astronauts are usually inspecting these things for damage while hurtling hundreds of miles an hour above the Earth. You can do this from the comfort of your Web browser, assuming you're running Windows XP or Vista with a capable graphics card. Mac users are out of luck.

Check out the slightly singed bottom of the space shuttle Endeavor in its full, Photosynth'd glory, sans years of astronaut training and those nauseating space walks. CNET Networks