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Photosynth gets spacey with NASA

Check out the new NASA shuttle on Microsoft Photosynth.

Enthusiasts of Microsoft 's Live Labs project Photosynth get a new environment to explore this morning. In addition to art galleries, town squares, and various buildings in Britain, users can now explore shuttle Endeavour before its launch on Wednesday. For those unfamiliar with Photosynth, it's a new technology that groups together a collection of photos taken in the same location into a 3D environment. Users can zoom in and out of various parts to take advantage of higher resolution shots that show more detail, while getting an idea of where they are spatially. In the case of the space shuttle, there's a lot to see--especially since NASA got some of the shots with a helicopter.

Stefanie Olsen over at CNET has more on the technology, along with a screenshot gallery. There's also a video about the project on the Microsoft Live Labs site. To check out the shuttle yourself, just click here. Keep in mind Photosynth requires a "Vista Aero Ready" graphics card. If you don't have one, you'll be greeted to a haiku.

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Feel like a little kid again by zooming around the scaffolding of the shuttle launch pad. Microsoft /