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Photoshop Express 2.0 gets premium add-on

Sick of the hipster photo filters? Adobe's new iOS version of Photoshop has a $4 Camera Pack with noise reduction and a self-timer.

Noise reduction is a premium add-on feature for Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS.
Noise reduction is a premium add-on feature for Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS. Adobe Systems

Finally, a camera app that does something besides give snapshots a retro Polaroid look.

That was my first reaction to Adobe Systems' Photoshop Express 2.0, released today for iOS devices. The new version comes with a $3.99 in-app "Camera Pack" option that has noise reduction, a self-timer, and a quick photo review.

I wouldn't shell out four bucks for the ability to check my photos right after I'd taken them, but Adobe has a lot of experience with noise reduction, and small smartphone image sensors can generate a lot of noise, so that seems more compelling to me.

As with other adjustments available in the app, the degree of noise reduction can be adjusted by sliding your fingers left or right across the screen.

The app doesn't yet support the iPad 2 camera, though, Adobe said.

Aside from the Camera Pack, the new version also adds support for the high-resolution display on the iPhone 4 and for multitasking abilities in newer versions of iOS.

Adobe is adapting to what Apple calls the "post-PC era," gradually extending Photoshop Express' abilities. Initially it could perform a handful of photo adjustments and upload photos to Adobe's Photoshop.com photo-sharing Web site. Version 1.5 added the ability to control the camera.

The $3.99 Camera Pack also includes a self-timer.
The $3.99 Camera Pack also includes a self-timer. Adobe Systems

The app requires iOS 4.2 or later. The Camera Pack doesn't work on older hardware, requiring an iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4, a third- or fourth-generation iPod Touch, or iPad or iPad 2.

Adobe has an Android version of Photoshop Express, but it's still at version 1.3 and can't be used to take photos. Adobe wouldn't comment on when version 2.0 might arrive for Google's mobile operating system, but did say, "Adobe is equally committed to both our Android and iOS customers and continues to actively develop imaging solutions for devices running both platforms."

Updated 9:43 a.m. PT with Adobe comment on Android commitment and noise reduction adjustments.