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Photoshop deblurring feature blows our tiny minds

A new feature for Photoshop has been shown off that removes the blur from photos. Check out the video.

There's nothing like a mind-blowing Photoshop feature to kindle the nerdy fire that burns in our collective loins, and this latest effort -- demoed at Adobe's Max 2011 event -- has our loins positively ablaze.

It's a de-blurring feature that takes your rubbish blurry photos and makes them look beautifully crisp and clear, through the healing power of algorithms. It's in early stages at the moment, but here's what we can glean from the video below -- turn it up to 720p for the full effect.

The software analyses the image you want to un-blur (de-blur? Help us out with some lingo, Adobe) to figure out the direction in which the camera was moving when the photo was taken. Once it's devised that, it edits the original photo, compensating for the camera's movement.

The results, as you can see in the video, are impressive. You'll see several photos de/un-blurred, including a section of text. If the tech made it into the next version of Photoshop, then it could bring CSI-style zoom-and-enhance nonsense a little closer to reality.

Those blurry spy-shots of new gadgets could finally be turned into crystal-clear images, and miserable ruined holiday photos could once more be made scrapbook-worthy.

We're not sure this is as mind-blowing as the content-aware fill from Photoshop CS5 that lets you remove cows (among other things), but it's close.

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