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Photos: The Sanyo 42LM4WPR-E waterproof TV

Ever thought that you might like to watch TV in the garden during a thunderstorm? If so, Sanyo has the television you seek...

As we wandered the show floor at CeBIT this year, we noticed that things that can operate in water are all the rage.

While we don't really care if a cash register is waterproof, we are very, very excited by a television that works during a spot of rain.

Yes, that's right, the Sanyo 42LM4WPR-E really is a television that's impervious to the electronic-destroying properties of water. And it's HD ready. Click on for more photos.

Yup, that's water rolling down the front of an HD Ready LCD screen. Don't panic, it doesn't worry the Sanyo.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, those are indeed water droplets on the Sanyo logo.

No computer-generated imagery here -- that is water waiting to drop from the bottom of the TV.

The waterproof Sanyo is a real, HD Ready screen. The waterproofing makes it ideal for pub gardens so footie fans can enjoy their sport even when it's raining. Which it often does in the UK, so that's handy.