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Photos: The mouse that roared 40 years ago

Tuesday, a large crowd gathered at Stanford to hear from the original team whose work led to the computer mouse and more.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Want some real-time desktop video-conferencing and application sharing? You got it, circa 1968. Click on the above photo to see more images from Tuesday's demonstration recounting the groundbreaking Stanford work that led to the mouse and more. Scott Ard/CNET Networks

Forty years ago this week, Doug Engelbart and fellow researchers at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) gave a demonstration in San Francisco that turned out to be a prescient vision of the future: it included a computer mouse; hypertext linking; real-time, on-screen text editing; shared-screen teleconferencing; and other revolutionary ideas.

Tuesday, a large crowd gathered at Stanford to watch a video of the historic demo and hear original team members recount their groundbreaking work. Click here to see photos from the presentation.

Correction: This story initially misspelled the primary researcher's name. It is Douglas Engelbart.