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Photos: The Life Aquatic with the Ricoh G600

Set sail with the Ricoh G600, a waterproof, 10-megapixel camera with all sorts of expandable options and big yellow buttons.

If you love the life aquatic, you may want to add the Ricoh G600 to your holiday kit. It packs 10-megapixels, and is waterproof (JIS grade 7), dustproof (JIS grade 6) and shock-proof (MIL Standard 810F). We wish we were that shock-proof -- that bit with the head in Jaws still makes us have to lie down for a week.

The G600 certainly looks like a piece of kit for taking into extreme conditions, with toy-like rubberised construction and oversized buttons, and an industrial black and yellow colour scheme. For all its sturdiness, it feels surprisingly light at 307g.

Camera options include an eight second slow shutter, if you can persuade the fish to stay still. You also get timelapse recording from five seconds to three hours. Movie options include 640x480 or 320x240 films.

There isn't a movable cover to the lens, so you'll have to try and keep the clear cover clean. There is a 37mm lens thread though, so you can add extra bits and pieces onto the front end. You can also add to the hotshoe up top.

The Ricoh G600 is available now for about £350. Snorkel your way through the links for more on this aquatic snapper. -Rich Trenholm

The G600 records to SD or SDHC cards, securely locked away beneath this sealed hatch.

The controls are oversized for ease of use, although the flash controls aren't proud enough from the surround to be really comfortable.

Images can be viewed on this 69mm (2.7-in) LCD screen. Although, ideally we really would have preferred a periscope.