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Photos: The gadget days of summer

From robotic lawn mowers to storm detectors and and infrared grills, here's some fun and fanciful warm-weather gear.

Summer gadgets slideshow
Click on this marvel of modern design for more on summer gadgets. Discovery Channel Store

If you're thinking about summer, but hate sunshine and exercise, we've got you covered (automated lawn mower). If your kid sunburns easily and can't remember to lather on that extra application of sunscreen, we've got you covered (UV-detecting skin stickers). If what you really need this summer is a way to enjoy the air conditioning, we've got you covered there, too (Nintendo). If you like grilling out, don't like mosquitoes, have a swimming pool, avoid cleaning it... you guessed it: We've got you covered! Our wide-ranging collection of summer-specific gadgets will convince you that summer's okay after all.

And if you're a nocturnal Goth-y type who won't go out during the day, we've got you covered, too (nighttime constellation-identifying device)!