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Photos: Sizzling Black Friday gadgets

What will be the star gadget of the holiday season? CNET takes a look at some early contenders.

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo's ever-popular Wii. CNET Networks

We're pretty sure that was you we saw in line Friday at Best Buy and then the Apple store and then that little kiosk in the middle of the mall, loaded down with an armful of gadgets and accessories that you'll be doling out as holiday gifts. You are planning to give them away, right?

Well, whoever you were, there were a lot of you, and you were buying a lot of stuff. That's the way it goes on Black Friday, the annual harmonic convergence of consumer electronics bargains and bargain hunters. Those who couldn't be bothered to mingle with the masses wisely did their shopping (actual and/or comparison) online.

According to the comparison shopping site, the big winner for the whole of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, Black Friday included, was the still must-have game console that debuted around this time last year, the Nintendo Wii. To see the other hot sellers from the unofficial start of the holiday sales season--and how well the Xbox and various PlayStations compared to the Wii--check out this gadgets gallery on CNET "Photos: Black Friday's hottest buys."