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Photos: Scenes from a scaled-down E3

CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiuman sends photos back from the show floor, which was much quieter than it has been in years past.

At E3 in Los Angeles this year, the main themes were cooperative games and music games. But the crowds that used to flock the Los Angeles Convention Center before the convention was moved to nearby Santa Monica last year are no longer. This, of course, is by design, as the industry made the decision that E3 should be an invite-only event for press and analysts to meet with publishers and developers.

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The upshot is that the convention show floor, which in the past was known for its mind-bending noise and energy, is now a small hall with mostly uniform booths and a dearth of the full-throttle marketing that used to be in evidence. Whether that's intentional or not, it makes for a less-than-thrilling experience and one that can be completed in an hour or two instead of days. See my photos above to get a sense of this year's game expo. And click here to see an earlier batch of E3 photos.