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Photos: RCA Opal

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell shows off a slideshow and review of the RCA Opal MP3 player.

Photo of RCA Opal MP3 player.
Is RCA ahead of the curve for retro '80s design? Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

We've had an influx of inexpensive RCA MP3 players lately. Jasmine posted her reviews of the RCA Jet and the RCA Pearl last week. Now we've got the RCA Opal, which is probably the most unique player RCA has released. It has a great list of features, including support for DRM WMA and Audible formats. I thought the user interface was a little confusing--not helped by the fact that the control pad is a little slanted.

The claim to fame here is that the Opal supports photo and video playback for under $70. If you're interested, click though to our review or take a look at the slide show.