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Photos: Opel Flextreme car, complete with built-in Segways

Crave has seen many things during its existence and we've just seen another. It's the Opel Flextreme concept car and it's got Segways to boot. In the boot

Crave has seen many things during its existence. We've seen swans eating pigeons, we've seen our own staff go mental after eating too many sweets and today, we've just seen a car with built-in Segways. WTF?

It's called the Opel Flextreme concept and it's doing the rounds at the British International Motor Show. It's sort of like an ordinary car, but with an additional luggage bay that folds down to reveal twin Segways. These, in turn, can be removed, unfolded and used to transport the driver and passenger from a parking spot, 15 metres down the road to their office door. You'll never have to walk anywhere again.

The car itself is a hybrid. It has an electric motor and batteries that yield an approximate 65-kilometre range, depending on how you drive it. There's also a 1.3-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine to fall back on when you run out of charge.

The Flextreme comes with 'suicide' doors, a keyless, handle-less entry system, and enormous, 'ladybird' rear doors. No price or release date has been set, as it's still at the concept stage, but have a look at the pictures and let us know if it's something you'd fancy owning. -Rory Reid

Here's the rear of the thing. It is, we're sure you'll agree, crazy. Note the Segways sticking out at the bottom.

Here's a closer look at the folded-up Segways. These can be fully folded away so the car doesn't look like it's balancing on training wheels.

The interior's pretty plain in comparison to the rest of the car. Aside from the red instruments and the mad two-pronged steering wheel.

The 'suicide' doors open up very wide to give you easy access to the cabin, which suits four adults.

Here it is from the front. Sexy, no?

No. 'Demonic' is a more appropriate description.