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Photos: Nokia N96 vs Nokia N95 8GB vs Nokia N95 vs iPhone

In case the 3G iPhone hype made you forget about all the other phones out there, we've got some pictures to remind you that Nokia is definitely not out of the super phone game

Earlier this year we treated you to a sneak peek of the incoming Nokia N96, the N95's successor. Now we've managed to get one in the office and we thought you'd like to see it next to its predecessors -- and its nemesis, the Apple iPhone. Click through the next few pages to have a proper look at Nokia's latest super phone.

The screen on the Nokia N96 is the same size as the Nokia N95 8GB, but the phone itself is slightly longer. You'll also notice that the navigation pad is different, with a small silver multimedia key that gives you access to all your digital content.

You can read our full, in-depth Nokia N96 preview here. -Andrew Lim 

Starting at the bottom, you've got the Nokia N95, followed by the N95 8GB and the N96 on top. The N96 is slightly longer, but it's also slightly thinner. The N96 is also much more curvy than its predecessors.

Turned over and you can see all the 5-megapixel cameras, although you'll notice that on the N96 there are two LED photo lights instead of one, giving you more illumination in low light. The back of the N96's casing also has a glossier finish than the others -- this matches the rest of the handset.

Unlike the N95 and N95 8GB, the N96's keypad is completely flat and comes in a glossy finish. We're not sure we prefer it to the raised keypad, but it's not unusable and at least it doesn't feel cramped.

Sticking to its guns, Nokia has kept the dedicated media keys on the N96, which allow you to play and pause your music and videos by simply sliding the handset down. Our only concern with the double slider is that it means the phone shifts around a bit when you take it in and out of your pocket.

Praise Nokia for finally realising we want our headphone jack on the top of the phone. At last we'll no longer have to worry about pulling headphones out of the jack when we take the phone out of our pockets. Hurrah!

There's a kick stand so you can rest the N96 on its side, which might sound like a gimmick but is actually quite useful when you're watching a long movie.

You know you wanted to see what it looked like next to the iPhone, so here you go. The screen is smaller, but then again, the N96 does come packed with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS, not to mention a mechanical keypad and a 5-megapixel camera. Let the smart phone war begin.