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Photos: Motorola Tlkr T5 walkie-talkies

This is Wombat, come in Cougar. Over. Have you seen these Motorola Tlkr T5 walkie-talkies? No? Over. Well you should. Over

Come in walkie-talkie fans. Over. The Motorola Tlkr T5 two-way radio not only looks good but works pretty well too. With a potential range of 6km -- in perfect conditions, natch -- we managed to get it working all around our trendy penthouse offices, which beats the pants off those toy ones you get at Toys-R-Us.

You can pick up a pair of these for about £60, which we think isn't bad at all. They're very robust, so they're ideal for outdoor use. Whether you a skier, hiker, climber or just like messing around with walkie-talkies -- and who doesn't? over -- these are perfect for short- to medium-range communication.

Other features include a room monitor that lets you listen in to another Tlkr T5 via voice activation -- useful if you're the paranoid type. There are several ring tones you can choose from and an automatic 'roger' beep so you don't have to say it every time you finish a conversation. But where's the fun in that?

We really like the look and build of the T5s and think they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a decent pair that don't cost a fortune or require a licence. Click through for more pics. -Andrew Lim

Unlike other walkie-talkies, the Tlkr T5 features a curved aerial that's less likely to break if you drop it.

The pair of Tlkr T5s come with removable and rechargeable batteries, and a stand that you can pop them into, which makes it very simple to recharge them.