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Photos: LG VX8550 Chocolate

A tastier Chocolate cell phone hits the market

LG VX8550 Chocolate
LG VX8550 Chocolate Corinne Schulz/CNET Networks

The LG VX8500 Chocolate dominated the mobile scene for a long time with its sleek, slider design and unique touch-sensitive controls. However, a lot of people--us included--thought the touch pad was a little annoying and required too steep a learning curve. The new LG VX8550 Chocolate, however, is different. Instead of the touch pad navigation array, the LG VX8550 Chocolate has a mechanical scroll wheel. Though the rest of the navigation keys are touch-sensitive, they now have a vibrating setting so they provide a slight tactile feedback when touched. Also, the End/Power key is on the keypad instead of the left spine. All of these design improvements definitely make this new LG Chocolate easier to use. Check out our LG Chocolate review and photo gallery for more details.