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Photos: LG 32LG6000 Scarlet, the TV with a hole

If you think your current TV could do with a hole smack bang in the middle of the frame, put down the drill and go and get yourself an LG Scarlet, it has a pre-drilled hole and you won't die using it

LG's 'Scarlet' range of televisions are causing quite a buzz. Is it the massive marketing campaign? Is it the intrusive red colour that the back of the TV is finished in? Could it in fact be the glowing red/white hole on the front of the TV? Whatever it is, people want to know about this TV, so we got LG to send us one, and we've only gone and taken some photos of it.

We're looking at the 32-inch model, the 32LG6000, so it's only a 720p TV, which is fine for most uses, and we suspect that people who buy this sort of TV aren't going to be specification hounds anyway. That said, it does have four HDMI sockets, which is exceptionally generous. You'll also find two Scarts, component in and VGA in for PCs.

It goes without saying that the speakers are invisible, but what do we make of the case generally? It's an odd one -- the style is certainly unique, but the bezel is rather thick, which is clearly a deliberate design decision, not one led by cost or technical necessity. We're sure it won't appeal to everyone, but those who like it will probably really like it, which could be worrying, given that hole in the front. Click on Next Photo for more pics and deets. -Ian Morris

Update: Read our full LG 32LG6000 review.

When the 32LG6000 is in standby mode, the ring is red...

...and white when it's on. Fortunately, you can turn the illumination off if you don't like it. The ring also acts as a power button. We couldn't work out which exact bit you're supposed to touch to get the TV to come on, but it did work. The manual was no help at all on the whole ring subject, or anything else for that matter.

The remote control is the standard LG affair. It's easy to use and we really like it.

Here you can see the rear inputs, there are some more at the side. Also visible is the rear of the ring.

We've mentioned before how much we like the new LG menu system. It should really win an award for them -- they're very attractive and simple to use. Well done, LG.