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Photos: Iriver E100

A slide show featuring the Iriver E100, the company's newest MP3 player to hit the States.

Click the pic to launch the slide show. Iriver

Much to my pleasure, I got my hot little hands on the new Iriver E100 early this week. Unfortunately, my high hopes for the player were quickly dashed when I realized the unit might be defective. But there you have it: even a CNET editor gets a lemon every once in a while. Now, I'm waiting on Iriver to send along a new unit that's worthy of our rigorous testing process. (The lucky blokes at Crave UK looked at a working version of the E100 here.) Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with the appearance of the E100 that I have in hand, so you can check out this slide show in lieu of an in-depth review. The layout includes shots of the player at every angle as well as some initial observations about the device.