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Photos: Gamers compete at Playboy Mansion

Inaugural draft of the brand-new Championship Gaming Series league takes place in Beverly Hills at Hugh Hefner's infamous home.

Playboy Mansion sign
Click here to get into Hef's HQ Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

When you picked your team on Halo, was there a scantily-clad model present? When you entered your guild on Warcraft, did a Playboy Bunny frolic in the corner? No? Then you must not be among the Championship Gaming Series inaugural draftees. Too bad for you!

To soothe your sorry situation, we suggest you click on the image at left to experience the vicarious thrill of the Carolina, Chicago and San Francisco gamers who convened at Hugh Hefner's infamous Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills this week. Do you think the draft picks will play better knowing the Bunnies are behind them? A little skimpy moral support never hurt.