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Photos: Citroen GTbyCitroen goes from game to reality

Citroen's announced it will be the first car manufacturer to bring to production a vehicle originally designed for a computer game

Citroen's just gone up in our estimation -- way up. At the Paris Motor Show today, it announced it would be the first car manufacturer to build a car originally designed for a computer game -- a bleedin' computer game, we tell you.

The frankly dangerous-looking GTbyCitroen is the brainchild of Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauch, and Citroen's Takumi Yamamoto. It was first designed to hurtle around the virtual tracks of the PS3's Gran Turismo: Prologue, but Citroen -- presumably bored of making Picassos and C5s -- has decided to make one for real.

Okay, so 'for real' is something of an exaggeration, since the GTbyCitroen is still in the concept stage. Visitors to the Paris Motor Show, however, are being given the opportunity to drive one -- virtually -- in a Citroen simulator.

Sadly, very little is known about the GTbyCitroen in terms of performance, expected cost, or whether it'll reach mass production, but here's hoping. Citroen would earn itself a virtually unlimited amount of kudos if it went ahead and made it for real for real. We might even forgive it for the Citroen Ami.

Have a look at the pictures over the page, drool uncontrollably, and keep your fingers crossed. -Rory Reid

If we saw that in our rear-view mirror, it's safe to say we'd move out of the bleedin' way. Those who do not are likely to be sucked into those enormous front air intakes to join an assortment of mangled badger corpses.