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Photos: Check out our big pimpin' new offices

Welcome along to a tour of our brand-spanking-new offices in London's trendy Southwark -- aren't they lovely?

Welcome to our new office! has moved to these plush new penthouse apartments in uber-trendy Southwark, just behind the Tate Modern. Say hello to our lovely receptionist Gemma -- she'll direct you downstairs to our part of the office on the third floor.

Here's where the magic happens -- our spanking new 'broadband video' studio, where we film our First Look and Crave TV videos. That's the (almost) famous Space Bubble chair, with a green screen for the special effects.

The studio has its own control booth, you know, like real TV. Cool, huh? We have no idea what all those buttons do, but we're sure the video monkeys do. That joystick in the middle controls a camera, so the cameraman doesn't have to leave his cosy little nest.

This is our breakout area, where we have lunch. We had to cut a massive block of concrete out of the ceiling to make it all light and airy, but it was well worth it -- it's a lovely place to hang out. There's a projector for showing Sky Sports in the evening, and we've even got a proper coffee machine, with a bean grinder and everything.

We commissioned this arty lightbox to provide some colour and personality to the entrance to the office, which will be at the top of the stairs when we get the lifts sorted out.

We put these stairs in as well, so we can pop up and see our chums on ZDNet UK and silicon. The business media guys get to sit upstairs, see, with the skylight. Not that we're bitter about that. It's just as nice down here.

And this is us -- your devoted team, delighted to be in our swanky new home. Left to right: Rory, Andrew, Kate, Jason, Nick, Nate, Ian and Homer. (Mary, Michael and Chris were away.) Andrew seems to be recovering nicely from the aeroplane lobotomy accident. -Nick Hide