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Photos: Burton's iPod-ready beer cooler

Crave offers a photo slide show of the Burton Lil Buddy speaker system and beer cooler.

How can you resist a beer cooler with an integrated speaker system for under $50? Admit it, it's impossible. We put the Burton Lil' Buddy speaker cooler through rigorous beer testing--overclocking it well past its rated capacity of 12-beers to an outstanding 16 (12 cans, 4 bottles). Want to see what your new best friend looks like up-close? Take a look at our Lil' Buddy slideshow.

Photo of Lil Buddy speaker system with iPod Nano.
Sure it plays music, but does it keep your beer cold? Click the photo to see our slideshow of the beer-tastic Burton Lil' Buddy speaker cooler. Corinne Schulze / CNET Networks

Burton Lil Buddy