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Photos: Audio Technica's latest headphones

If you're listening to vocal music, you're likely to be very pleased as the A900s excel at reproducing vocals. What sounded less impressive was hard rock and metal.

Crave UK

We've been having a bit of an Audio Technica headphone fest over the last few weeks. Today extends it to the ATH-A900s--a pair of closed-back reference cans priced around 200 pounds (about $392).

Placing the 'phones over the old Uncle Ned, we felt a similar level of comfort to the ATH-W1000s, which got a excellent rating in our review last week. They're snug without too much tightness.

Inside are decent specifications: a 53-millimeter neodymium-backed driver responding to frequencies between 5Hz-40kHz, an impedance of 40ohms, sensitivity of 101dB and an excellent maximum power input of 2,000mW. Click here to see more.

(Source: Crave UK)