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Photos: Asus shared computing concept laptop

Asus' latest concept 'laptop' draws its inspiration from Japanese origami in that it can be folded into a variety of shapes to suit your individual needs

We've always known the guys and girls at Asus are a little strange. Not in a bad way -- they don't need medication or anything -- but some of the products they design are clear proof they're one herring short of the full smorgasbord.

Take their latest concept 'laptop', for example. It draws its inspiration from Japanese origami -- bear with us here -- in that it can be folded into a variety of shapes to suit your individual needs. In one example we were shown, the product had two keyboards and two screens and was being used by two people on opposite sides of the same table. In another, it had a single display -- laid flat against a table -- and two keyboards.

The craziest part: the keyboards don't have keys, or even letters. Just weird dots. Yeah, we're baffled as well.

Asus believes this concept has potential, since it allows multiple users to share bandwidth and battery life. We don't really understand it, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt since it looks so damn cool. And who knows, things like these may start popping up in public places like on trains, at airports, or even on the walls that separate the cells in your local lunatic asylum. If anyone can make that happen, it's Asus.

More from CES as we get it. Meanwhile, click 'Continue' for more pics.

Here it is in 'flat against the table mode', as we like to refer to it.

And here it is in its own little padding-free cell. We think you'll agree it looks pretty stunning -- even if nobody can figure out a use for it.