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PhotoRescue saves the day

Fear not, nameless colleague! You are a real person, and not just a setup for me to talk about photo recovery, so I'll give you a hug and then save your wedding pictures

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth in the office this week when a colleague discovered that their one friend who knew his way around a camera had apparently taken leave of his senses and somehow corrupted the SD card holding several hundred images from my colleague's wedding.

But fear not, nameless colleague! You are a real person, and not just a setup for an entry on photo recovery in this 'ere blog, and so I will give you a hug and then I will save your wedding pictures.

Well, actually, PhotoRescue will. PhotoRescue undeletes, unerases and recovers pictures, images, photos and files lost on corrupted, erased or damaged Compact Flash (CF) cards, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, SmartMedia and XD cards. True!

We plugged the SD card in question into our computer, ran PhotoRescue and five minutes later 368 pictures reappeared. The relief is tempered by the arrival a second later of a demand for cash, but hey, fifteen quid is a small price to pay for all those photographic nuggets of joy.

We are bound by journalistic rigour to point out that other photo recovery software is available, like CardRecovery or Pro Data Doctor. Nameless colleague will now buy me a pint.