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Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial gives you shooting options

A lens dial for the iPhone 4S lets you shoot like a pro, with fish-eye, telephoto and wide-angle lenses on-board.

The iPhone 4S has a fancy new 8-megapixel camera on board, shaming the 4's 5-megapixel one. But here's a neat gadget for adding more options to your photographic arsenal, spotted by Engadget.

Named the iPhone Lens Dial, it's a mad device that adds fish-eye, telephoto and wide-angle lenses to your handset. Yes, along with a fair bit of bulk. But then what price can you put on a good photo?

If you're thinking it looks like the thing optometrists use to test your eyes, you'd be right. (That's called a phoropter, apparently, even though that sounds like a dinosaur.) But it gives you far more options than the standard iPhone camera, making your handset's snapper far more versatile. And you won't have to shell out for a pricey (and bulky) SLR.

The 0.7x wide-angle lens will pack in more of your landscape, the 0.33x fish-eye makes it look like your shots were taken through a spyhole, and the 1.5x telephoto brings your subject nearly twice as close.

The body is made of aeroplane-grade aluminium and has two tripod mounts, so you can shoot in portrait or landscape with no blurring. Just rotate the disc to change lenses and switch effects. You will need a case or very large pocket, unless you just clip it on when you shoot, as it's pretty bulky. It also weighs twice the weight of the iPhone, so expect some extra heft.

And more good news -- it ships to the UK! Including delivery, it comes to about £180. So not cheap, but far more affordable than an SLR.

Would you bolt it to your iPhone? Let us know below, or over on our Facebook page. While leering at the screen like in a fish-eye photo, if you prefer.