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Photobucket to launch Flash-based online video editor

Photobucket is set to launch a Web-based video editor done in conjunction with Adobe's Flash.

Photobucket and Adobe Systems on Monday are expected to announce a Web-based video-editing tool available from Photobucket's media-sharing site. The free service will be in beta this month to its premium customers and rolled out to all customers in March.

The service lets people take existing media, including photos and videos, stored in a Photobucket account and remix them with captions, soundtracks and other effects. Like any video-editing package, people can drop items, like video snippets, and place them onto a timeline.

Photobucket's Web editor lets you drag and drop video snippets in a timeline. Photobucket

It requires that people have Flash Player 9, the latest version, on their machines.

"When you look at the world of social media, everything is about customization. A photo is no longer good enough, a straight video is not good enough. This lets you use a combination of photos, videos and music to build something truly custom," said Alex Welch, Photobucket CEO.

An Adobe representative said that the deal with Photobucket is not exclusive, but declined to offer any details on Adobe's plans.

As far as the name--now referred to as Adobe's Web-based video remix and editing technology--the Adobe representative said that the company intends to announce a formal brand-name in the spring.

Photobucket's Welch acknowledged that there are a growing number of Web-based online editing and mixing tools. He said that its partnership with Adobe allowed the company to launch something that's very intuitive and easy to use. The company now as has 35 million users and is aiming for a service with mass appeal, he said.