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Photobucket: Tag, you're it

In the week Flickr hosted its 2 billionth image, Photobucket has announced dynamic photo tagging and Kodak has tied up with Packard Bell

It's been a stonking week for photo-sharing sites. Flickr user yukesmooks posted the 2 billionth photo to the famous site, which now seems to be over some of the controversy surrounding it in recent months. On top of that, Photobucket has added tagging to its features list.

Photobucket's new tagging features are similar to Facebook's current system: you can tag a picture with the details of whoever is in the picture. You can also add links. These links can be used to link a person to their online presence outside Photobucket, so you could link someone's face to their blog, MySpace or Facebook profile. The tagged image can then be embedded, with tags, in any other site.

What gives this the edge over Flickr's tagging system is that, like on Facebook, you draw a box around the area of the photo that the tag relates to. On Flickr, tags apply to the whole images and users often bog down their images with indiscriminate generic tagging to increase views.

The fact that you're able to link from Photobucket to the wider Web is cool at first glance. But as always with exciting, new, open networks, privacy concerns are not far behind. As on Facebook, tagged subjects are alerted when they're tagged, but only if their email is in the poster's Photobucket contacts.

Photobucket has also upgraded its upload limit to 5MB per image, for those of you rocking high-resolution cameras. Flickr's limit is 10MB, but the free account is limited to 100MB. Not sure why you'd need it, but hey ho.

In other photosharing news, Packard Bell is adding one-click upload to Kodak EasyShare Gallery on all its laptop and desktop computers sold in Western Europe. -Rich Trenholm