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Photobucket app helps nab alleged phone thief

A man allegedly steals a phone and takes a picture of himself with it. Sadly (at least for him) it has a Photobucket app which sends the picture straight to the owner's Photobucket page.

For some humans in the world, it seems that stealing someone else's phone is on their bucket list.

For one alleged thief, taking someone else's phone put him on that person's Photobucket list. Which led to him being arrested.

The way PC World tells it, 26-year-old Korey Heess, from Salinas, Calif., has a goatee, an earring, and an alleged penchant for taking pictures of himself.

Having allegedly stolen a woman's phone, the suspect snapped himself in full repose. Interestingly (but not for him, perhaps), the owner had equipped her phone with a Photobucket app that automatically sends all pictures taken on the phone to Photobucket.

Yes, this thing has a record of the real you. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Heess might not currently be a fan of the site as one of its slogans is very clear: "The place to store, create and share your photos and videos for life!"

For life, indeed.

"She looks at Photobucket and she says, 'I've never taken this picture. This is the guy who stole my phone,'" is how Commander Terry Gerhardstein of the Salinas Police Department described the owner's reaction to PC World.

Heess was swiftly located--thanks to a TV appeal featuring his Photobucketed picture--and reportedly linked to two other thefts. He was arrested Sunday on charges of robbery and theft.

People increasingly face technological problems when they steal the technological joys of others. Recently, a man allegedly stole a laptop, before realizing (too late) that it belonged to an IT security expert and was equipped with fine Prey tracking software.

Some might think it's wise, therefore, before attempting to use stolen gadgets, to check just how well-equipped they might be.

There again, the sheer excitement of getting your hands on someone else's phone must drive people to untold expressions of pride--that often come before something of a stumble.