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Photie serves up unlimited storage for your photos

Photie does quick and dirty photo hosting and sharing.

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to host images for quick and dirty sharing. Worth checking out is Photie, which is an incredibly simple photo host. It's light on features, but offers unlimited storage and file sizes (great for people with 14 megapixel SLRs), along with generous sharing options both for downloading shots and hosting on external sites and social networks.

What might be its killer feature, however, is that it gives you a detailed listing of when and where your photos have been viewed. It's something you find on YouTube and Viddler for videos, which can make tracking the buzz of a certain shot more fun for the creator. Many photo services simply give you a view count, which isn't nearly as useful.

While the tracking is great, the service is not without its small annoyances. Thumbnail previews are slow to load, and tags can only be added to shots one at a time. Users of Flickr will yearn for more.
Photie isn't all that different from other photo hosts, but the layout is clean and free of ads, and there are simple ways to share your shots in all manner of sizes. (click to enlarge) CNET Networks